‘Paid to Live the Dream’


My name is Anthony Edwards, known to my friends as Tony. My book, ‘PAID TO LIVE THE DREAM’ is about my experiences at sea, and there’s nothing like being afloat to generate experiences! Extremes of fear and exhaustion contrasted with extremes of well being and

Caprice bow on_InPixio
                  The Passing Fancy

humour.  They are all there in equal measure. Over the years the happenings have entertained friends with a glass in their hands, but it was time to get pen to paper for the benefit of a wider audience. It was the ‘Passing Fancy’ which initiated the writing of this book. She was my first command and what happened aboard was not what you would normally expect on a supposedly luxury new yacht bound for chartering in the Med. Even from a distance, there’s something not quite right about her! (It is not her real name as I wouldn’t like to upset anybody)

At the time, I would have accepted any job, just to get my feet on the ladder, but even though I had my misgivings, I had no idea of the magnitude of the problems that I would encounter.

The Cervia at Ramsgate steam  museum

However, my book begins with my early life in Gravesend on the river Thames, where I was born. My father was a merchant seaman and had had the misfortune to be torpedoed twice in WWII when seconded for service in the Royal Navy. He had a hard life and life at home wasn’t easy. Because of this I was never happier than when not at home, and spent a lot of time with youths I met at school who were intellectually and socially challenged. My story tells of how I broke away from the confines of that life into a new and more fulfilling direction. The escape began with joining the steam tug ‘Cervia’ as cook at age just fifteen. That was the age that we left school in those days, except for the grammar school kids, who left at sixteen. I chose not to go to grammar school even though I’d passed my 11 plus exams. I wanted to stay with my friends, and at home was given no encouragement to do otherwise.

This is from my latest 5 star review on Amazon, from someone with the delightful name of  ‘dawniedingdong’. Thank you dawniedingdong! :-

“It’s brilliant, I loved the entire book, taking me the reader, from the authors longing to work on the tugs on the River Thames, right through to him and his wife’s days when he was a qualified captain of magnificent yachts. I found myself giggling at many of the events that took place and also felt fearful for him when he took crazy risks, which could have cost him his life, always heaving a big sigh of relief when he was safe! As you can tell, I was right into this book like I was there onboard, I absolutely loved it. ………
Congratulations to Anthony Edwards, you certainly made me feel that I was with you throughout this entire book and was sad when it came to an end!”