The Mystery Artist

Atlantic Cock

I wrote about this painting some time ago after having been sent a copy by one of my friends and mentioned that I didn’t know who the artist was. I was therefore delighted to be contacted by him and discover that his name is Ian Boyd. He said ‘It was painted by me a long time ago now when I lived in the UK and was commissioned regularly by all you Tuggee guys to paint pictures of the Thames tugs amongst other ships etc.’ So, thank you, Ian, for the picture that has been hanging in my house!

I have recently updated ‘Paid to Live the Dream’ by changing the old cover and also by adding photos, as well as 5 tug paintings by Ian. ‘A Tugman’s Tale’ also contains illustrations.

Sad News

Just heard (28/11/2018) that the hull of the Cervia is now so so thin that a hole the size of a football has developed. She is now sitting on the bottom in Ramsgate harbour, but fortunately hasn’t actually sunk because of the shallowness of the water. Attempts are now being made to carry out repairs and re-float her. It’s very sad for the volunteers who have given so much of their time carrying out restoration work.

From Ted Ingham’s post on facebook group ‘Tug News’