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Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.

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Reviewed By Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

Paid to Live the Dream: A Seafarer’s Tale of Life Afloat contains a series of Anthony Edwards’ fascinating accounts as he leaves his family behind for the more colorful and riveting life of a seafarer. Born in Gravesend, England, Edwards had a difficult childhood. When he stumbles upon an opportunity to leave everything behind, he takes the opportunity gladly. He starts off as a cook in a loyal and amiable crew and later becomes a skipper. More adventure is in store when he and his wife, Jill, navigate from Belgium through the French canals en route the Med on a less than perfect yacht. On the “Passing Fancy,” Edwards and Jill witness various fascinating and disturbing moments from different charters. Still, the adventure continues and soon enough they are back at sea, this time on a fancier yacht.

From the coast of England to the exotic locales of Gibraltar, Peniche, Majorca, Sorrento, and Fiumicino, Paid to Live the Dream is a mix of thrilling moments and fascinating culture. Anthony Edwards delivers the accounts through various hilarious and dangerous moments while presenting the history of different places. He talks about the people he encountered, explaining his opinion of them and theirs of him. The book also captures England’s culture during the time between 1958 and 1971. It is this wonderful blend that makes Anthony Edwards’ story not only absorbing but unforgettable. His ability to risk it all for everything he had only dreamt about is beyond inspirational. Paid to Live the Dream is definitely captivating and, on top of that, enlightening.”

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AMAZON REVIEWS for Paid to Live the Dream 
5 stars A fascinating story of one man’s passion for the sea and coping with the people on it.

15 April 2018

This is the rollicking story of a latter-day Tom Jones on water. Anthony writes of the adventures and misadventures of his life from the East End of London, his time on the tugboats of the Thames to skippering yachts in the Mediterranean. He writes with verve and humour, dealing with capricious owners, passengers intent on arranging on board orgies, Americans demanding that he find the weather to match the brochure, and keeping boats that were not always fit for purpose afloat in Mediterranean storms. Through all of it he and his wife, Jill, kept their sense of humour. He adds acute observations on the places they visit, the people they meet and shows a real sense of the history and culture of the ports and islands of the Mediterranean. This is a thoroughly good read and one looks forward to hearing what happens to him after 1975.

4,0 sur 5 étoiles Entertaining and Informative

24 avril 2018

This is a must read for all ex-pats particularly in the South of France. Its originality comes from the contrast between the working class background of the author in grimy Gravesend and the stunning environments of the Mediterranean. Anthony really has a gift in describing in fascinating detail the various jobs he pursued on the Thames tugs as a lad and the luxury yachts he captained in the South of France. The reader cannot help but be impressed by his strength of character and his skill in mastering all that was required to achieve his ambitions. Add to this a real talent for telling what often turns out to be a hilarious if sometimes scary episode and interesting historical and geographical background to the various places visited both on the tugs and the yachts and you end up with a most entertaining book. I’m sure all readers look forward to Part II but can he really produce the same quality of writing again? I for one will want to know!

5 étoiles Good Read
30 janvier 2018

Well done! Fun to read and the references to the history of places visited added to the enjoyment. Well edited. As a lifelong boater and cruiser, I wanted more.

5 stars Great read, very well written
11 April 2018

Read this book in almost one sitting. I can’t wait to find out what happened next

5 stars... found this true story to be most exciting with a little good humour, was living the thrills of being in …
23 January 2018
for a new author, I found this true story, base on the authors life, to be most exciting with a little good humour, found I was living the thrills of being in the open seas and feeling all the ups and downs of being seasick at the same time. The light humour of his fellow travellers, all in all, a great book which I could not put down till I reach the end of the journey. Can’t wait for he the follow up!!!!!!! Well done Tony keep it going C P Warwickshire
5 stars A great true story

24 January 2018

A great true story, well written. I worked with Tony on the Thames Tugs in the early 1960’s and he always seemed such a quiet man. All I can say is he lived his young life to the full as this story relates. Not only a story but a history lesson on the Mediterranean Islands as well, his knowledge on that must be second to none. I am amazed that a Gravesend council house kid could grow up and not only live the dream but put it all into a terrific diary of events. Well done old chum, I am looking forward to the next edition.

5 stars Honest and entertaining

6 April 2018

A very enjoyable read, well written and thought-provoking
5 stars Great descriptions of the many places travelled

1 May 2018

Quite an eye-opener to the antics in the yachting industry! Great descriptions of the many places travelled, some of which have now been added to my travel wish list, also lots of interesting historical facts about each place, very knowledgeable.

5.0 out of 5 starsThis is a brilliant book, loved it.

1 November 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

I was recommended to get this book ‘Paid to Live the Dream: A Seafarer’s tale of life Afloat’ by a Gravesender on Facebook and I’m so glad that I did. It’s brilliant, I loved the entire book, taking me the reader, from the authors longing to work on the tugs on the River Thames, right through to him and his wife’s days when he was a qualified captain of magnificent yachts. I found myself giggling at many of the events that took place and also felt fearful for him when he took crazy risks, which could have cost him his life, always heaving a big sigh of relief when he was safe! As you can tell, I was right into this book like I was there onboard, I absolutely loved it.
I live in Meopham and it was great hearing the mention of roads which I know only too well in Gravesend, so I knew this book was going to be pretty special for me to enjoy.
Congratulations to Anthony Edwards, you certainly made me feel that I was with you throughout this entire book and was sad when it came to an end!

E-mails from appreciative readers:

  • Well done again, I can’t fault your book in any way shape or form and to be honest I have thoroughly enjoyed revisiting my past and contacting old workmates to discuss your questions. Its a shame it has come to an end but as in everything else in life there a good side, it has prompted me to stay in touch with old workmates and nurture the memories.
  • Well, I am just through the first chapter (taking it slow), so far so good, I am gripped.  It made me laugh and brought a tear to my eye and that’s just the first chapter!  I think it will be a huge success – very well done.
  • The book is a huge success it gives a great insight to your depth of knowledge, your enjoyment of life and the best life has to offer.
  • Your style of writing is captivating,
  • What an inspirational title it starts off great and gets better and I find it mind-boggling how you remember stuff
  • I have started the book and have to compliment you on your writing. It really is very compelling and easy to read. You have a gift for sure. it is quite fascinating reading about your beginning on the tugs
  • Book received today and two chapters read already! Congratulations Tony! We shall be fighting over reading it.
  • Well done again, I can’t fault your book in any way shape or form and to be honest I have thoroughly enjoyed revisiting my past and contacting old workmates to discuss your questions. Its a shame it has come to an end but as in everything else in life there a good side, it has prompted me to stay in touch with old workmates and nurture the memories.
  • Loved your book. Left a review on Amazon. Can’t wait for the next one. Well done. It’s a long time since I read a book as good as this. I read soooò many books.
  • Don’t rest on your laurels now; you have me captivated. What a talent
  •  I am really impressed! I have finished it now and I too look forward to the second one! In addition to your other multiple talents, you tell a very good story! I also enjoyed the tidbits of historical and geographical background you give to the different places.
  • I really think that you should find a publisher as just selling on Amazon is not going to bring you the recognition you deserve.
  • A great story! Your book has been inspirational to me in lots of ways. Put me down for book number 2, your life has been fascinating.
  • I must congratulate you on your book just finished a real page-turner.
  • I purchased a copy via Amazon and read it recently, brilliant book well written and brought back so many great memories of my own time working as cook & later as 3rd hand on the sun XV & XV11 at Gravesend in the early 60s & 70s