The Passing Fancy

Caprice B&W_InPixionew_InPixiosharpThis was not the real name of the yacht but is a very close approximation and the happenings aboard this boat were what inspired the book. Jill and I weren’t prepared for some of the things that went on and it was quite an introduction to yachting but my oh my, what an experience!



Jill at Calvi 2 16-10-2016 12-27-49 1772x1181
Jill at Calvi

The beautiful Calvi that we got to know so well over the years. It was almost always the first port of call when visiting the ever popular island of Corsica. Almost every charterer wants to visit the island and it’s understandable but it can also be a very rough passage because of the strong winds


Jill with lobster





The very first time we’d tasted spiny lobster and Jill was surprised when they were brought aboard and she had to cook the poor, delicious creatures.  – “langouste” is the French name and boy are they tasty.




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